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Product Warranty 2011

As a part of our value-added service, the product is warranted to the original purchaser against defects in material and/or manufacturing for the periods shown below from the date of purchase.
Product structure/material all have 2 years warranty parts and labour Lock/Gas Strut/Hinge/Bolts all have 1 year warranty parts and labour
Warranty details.
A) MW Sheet Metal Pty Ltd ( MW ) warrants to the original purchaser of this product that during the period of Two years for material and/or structure as well as One year for spare parts (Lock, Gas Strut, Hinge, Bolts) from the date of purchase and component found by MW to be defective will be repaired or replaced by MW without charge for either parts or labour. This warranty is given on the condition that all service on MW products are performed by MW or by a service agent authorized to service MW products.
B) The warranty set forth in paragraph A) above does not apply:
a. To any defect or failure due to accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, non-observance or operating instructions / OHS awareness as set out in the instruction manual, or local regulation on the part of any user, improper installation
b. If the product has been serviced by a person not authorized by MW to do so or with non-approved parts
c. If any serial product code is removed or defaced.
d. If the product is repossessed under any financial agreement.

C) MW will not take any responsibility for any direct/indirect/affiliated consequence caused by defect of the product. And MW will not be responsible for any warranty repair/replacement activities with cost exceeding the product’s purchase price.

Product Operation Instruction Manual

1) Recommended Installation for toolbox on the tray:
A) Preparation - Place toolbox on top of tray/floor in position where you wish to be installed. - Observe under tray (reverse side to where toolbox is to be placed on) condition, beware of electrical wire, vehicle structural parts, pipes etc. afterwards, determine the spot where you want fit the toolbox onto the tray. Please also refer to instruction/information of your vehicle. - Mark holes on bottom inside of toolbox where you want to place bolt through. For number of bolts recommended, check the description below. - Clear any barrier under tray for installation. Number of fitting bolts in relation with the size of toolbox. All toolboxes with the size below: Length: 1700mm, Width 500mm, Height 500mm; 4 bolts needed for fitting. Every extra 200mm increase in length or width, 2 bolts to be fitted on the edge of either of length or width side. Every extra 300mm increase in height, 2 bolts to be fitted on the edge of length side.

B) Installation - Place the toolbox at the position where it is to be installed. - Drill holes at pre-marked positions from inside bottom of toolbox till the vehicle tray is through. - Place insulation material (rubber mat/rubber washer/timber/form for all these material acts as insulation preventing water penetration from underneath tray) between toolbox and tray. - Drill the hole on insulation material with same diameter as pre-drilled holes. - Screw lock nuts on bolt and tighten up. Cut excess nut where appropriate. - Repeat above procedures till the toolbox is installed.
• Cap cover (where fitted) after locking/unlocking
• Ensure keys are clean before inserting into locks
• Periodically apply lubrication inside key socket and other lock mechanism, especially after heavy rain or exposure to dust.
• Prevent slamming lids/doors when opening and closing toolbox.
• Check fitting/joint periodically, check the strength of gas strut from time to time, lubricate hinge frequently.
Water/dust proof
• When installing toolbox, ensure the toolbox is lifted up or fitted holes are sealed preventing water penetration.

C) Safety awareness
Lifting and closing lids
• Prevent opening and closing lids under high wind conditions.
• Hold lids by hand when lifting up/closing down lid until the lid is fully supported by gas strut/closed (For the toolboxes without
gas struts, make sure the lids are held when opening and closing).
• Make sure lids are closed every time after usage of tools.
• Keep hands away from reach of children and making sure toolbox is securely locked at all times.
• Communicate with your partners when more than two people operating toolbox at the same time.
• Prevent crashing onto toolbox when lid is lifted up. On tray operation
• Prevent tripping by the toolbox
• Beware of constrained space between a pair of toolboxes on tray
• Beware of any extruding parts of toolbox, especially corners
General operation
• Prevent placing electrical cables on edges of toolbox.
• Keep toolbox away from chemicals unless safe to operate.
• Prevent placing your head or body inside the body of toolbox when lids are open.

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